Data Science Lab

Seminar on Extended Intelligence and Other Events

XI Seminar Spring 2024

The spring seminar on topics related to extended intelligence, data science and machine learning takes place on Wednesdays, 17:00-18:00, at the Main Building (Hochschulstrasse 4 , 3012 Bern), Room 208. 

Date Topic Speaker Chair
2024-03-20 AI Applications in Condition Monitoring (SBB) L. Ancu  S. Haug
2024-04-03 Smart Microscopy - automation of imaging experiments and active learning L. Hinderling M. Vladymyrov
2024-04-17 Beyond the Borders: Machine Learning Applications in Urban Economics S. Papini A. Stojiljkovic
2024-05-01 Managing, Analyzing, and Visualizing Data in nodegoat S. Borkowski S. Borkowski
2024-05-15 tbd tbd G. Witz
2029-05-29 Generative AI and the dissemination of truth P. Müller A. Kashev


XI Seminar Fall 2023

Date Room Topic Speaker Chair
2023-10-25 124 Machine Learning Sign Language - a Software Package A. Imtiaz  S. Haug
2023-11-15 206 Data Stewards: domain-specific research data management support at UniBE F. Grasso Toro A. Kashev
2023-11-22 304 Machine Learning @ SBB CFF FFS R. Schiegg & F. Niedermann M. Vladymyrov 
2023-11-29 online

Swiss/ETHZ Research IT Platforms
online EnhanceR Seminar - sign up required

S. Maffioletti F. Oschmann (ETHZ)
2023-12-06 206 Quantifying cellular features in the zebrafish heart M. Meer G. Witz


XI Seminar Spring 2023

Date Topic Speaker Room N°
2023-03-15 Generalist Computer Vision Models G. Witz    124
2023-03-29 Artificial intelligence for public health G. Conti    124
2023-04-26 Transformers (ChatGPT) M. Vladymyrov    124

Graph Neural Networks

B. Rieck    124


State of Digital Scholarly Editions S. Flick, P. Dängeli     124
2023-06-13 Einstein Museum Tour  (15:30) S. Haug Entrance


Talks for Cantonal Parliament Group Digitalisation

We support the Digitalisation Working Group of the Cantonal Parliament in organising talks on Artificial Intelligence and societal aspects. These talks are for Grossräte and Grossrätinnen or upon invitation only. The talks normally take place in the Staatskanzelei.

Date Topic Speaker
2022-09-07 12:00-13:30 Gesichtserkennung Meike Ramon (AFC Lab)
2022-11-30 12:00-13:30 KI und Ethik Claus Beisbart (UniBe)
2023-03-07 12:00-13:30 NLP Matthias Stürmer (BFH), Daniel Brunner (Bundesgericht)
2023-06-06 12:00-13:30 KI in der Medizin Verena Schönig (Inselspital Bern), Markus Christen (UZH)
2023-09-06 12:00-13:30 KI in der Bildung Ioana Gatzkta and Dominik Petko
2023-12-04 12:00-13:30 Blockchain und Kryptowährungen Kai Brunner (BFH), Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht (UniBa/UZH) 


Bern Data Science Day 2023

The BDSD23 is scheduled for 2023-05-05. See menu. 

XI Seminar Fall 2022

Date Topic Speaker Important
2022-10-26 Learning Analytics Dr. Kinga Sipos  
2022-11-09 The state of the (AI) art: diffusion models Dr. Alexander Kashev  
2022-11-23 Renku Rok Roškar  
2022-12-07 Representations: meaning, tools, reflections. Dr. Mykhailo Vladymyov  
2022-12-21 cancelled Dr. Sigve Haug cancelled!