Data Science Lab


Please describe your request shortly in an email to

If you have code, please attach or link that code to the email. You will receive a first repsonse within a working day. The support is also open for private and public institutions. 

  • I would like to use machine learning for my task
  • How to run my analysis on HPC (UBELIX)
  • I need advice on a possible AI solution for my organisation (public or private)
  • I need someone to take care of my servers
  • My analysis code doesn't run
  • I would like to have my analysis code reviewed and optimised
  • I need a programmer for my project
  • Where can I store my research data ?
  • I need help with choice of the analysis method
  • I need a web application 
  • My group needs help for programming our data acquisition system
  • I need AI and ML expertise/partner for my grant application
  • I need a collaborator for co-analysis
  • ...

If we cannot help you, we will bring you to someone that can help you. 


Short term support is free of charge. Should your demand exceed our budget, we will discuss the matter in due time.