Data Science Lab

Science IT Support (ScITS) Services

The Science IT Support (ScITS) is a service incubator. When research groups are in need of new data science related services, it supports with consultancy, and if needed, development and implementation. ScITS seeks to hand over incubated services with a functional business model to other central units. Apart from initial consultance, ScITS services are user funded. Costs are according to university guidelines and regulated by Service Level Agreements (SLA).

ScITS support services to researchers and research groups span from basic advice and code support to dedicated machine learning experts and tailored training programs. ScITS maintains an extensive national and European expertise network. Currently ScITS runs the above not complete list of services.


ScITS was initiated by the Faculty of Science and the Mathematical Institute in 2017 with seed funds up to 2021. In 2022 ScITS recieves some central university core funding.