Data Science Lab

Continuing Education

About Continuing Education Offers

In addition to our courses in regular bachelor, master and phd study programs, we offer MAS/DAS/CAS programs and training. All information about the MAS/DAS Extended Intelligence, the CAS Applied Data Science, the CAS Advanced Machine Learning and the CAS Natural Language Processing pare available on the repsective pages. The general information on our training courses is here.

Hundreds of Training Courses - Thousands of Participants

Since 2017 we have been giving hundreds of crash courses on topics from Introduction to Python Programming, LaTex, GPU Programming, Licensing to Advanced Machine Learning and Ethics. More than thousand researchers from the University of Bern has attended these offers. The full course directory with archive is here

Always Hybrid

All our courses are always given in the hybrid mode, i.e. they are teached in-situ (classroom) with online transmission for remote participation.

Internal and External Coaches

We use internal and external coaches with long experience from research or work on the topics. We have coaches from the Mathematical Institute, the Institute of Computer Science, the Central IT, the Institute of Philosophy, the Swiss Data Science Center, SWITCH, MathWorks, Dataiku and other organisations.


It happens via the eLearning platform ILIAS (direct links above), which requires login with your campus or AAI account to register. People without these accounts need to write us an email. Registered participants will receive further information by email.

Format and Fees

Training sessions are in the format from half day crash courses to weekly block courses and teach practical skills to boost the research or work of the participants. All sessions require own laptops and in some cases your own research code and tools. If nothing else is indicated, courses are for free. Courses are normally given for at least 10 and at the most of 24 participants on a first come first served principle. We repeat popular trainings on demand.

Custom Training

We also help organising or developing discipline specific trainings, courses or workshops for your group, project or study program if you bring the funding.